Part 2 - "Walk In Success" - SUNDAY


CBC Friends and Family,

This Sunday morning - as we continue our study - "Walk In It" we will be looking at how to walk in success.  As Americans, we are not stangers to the idea of success.  Every day we are bombarded with messages about "how" we need to become more successful.  But there is a problem.  The world has it's own, clearly defined pathway to success.  To the culture - success is all about how I look - what I have and who I know.  No one would disagree with that.  And from the time we are children - we are saturated with those messages, which often lead us away from God. That's the bad news.

The good news is, that God is interested in success.  In fact - long before the world was even created - God was successful. The Bible is a record of God's success story in history.  And because he cares about success - he made sure that the true path to success - His path to success - was clearly laid out in the pages of His Word.

Sunday morning we will uncover this path and I will share with you four essential keys for how to "Walk In Success" God's way.  Don't miss it!  Bring a friend.

With a Shepherd's Heart,

Brother Paul


Wed, Nov 18, 2015

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Calvary Baptist Church of Childersburg
904 3rd Street NW


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