Series on Psalms: Part 4 - How To Get Right With God


CBC Friends and Family,

This week we will be in Part 4 of our summer series in Psalms.  Psalm 51 is an incredible Psalm written by David during one of the most devastating seasons of his life. This man David, "a man after God's own heart" made a series of terrible decisions that led him far away from God. Much like the Prodigal Son in the New Testament, we see David make his way back to the Lord through repentance and brokenness.

Sunday's message will focus on how to get right with God when you have sinned.  It will be a message of hope and a reminder of the devastating consequences of sin and the marvelous grace of God.

See ya there and bring a friend,

Brother Paul

Wed, Nov 18, 2015

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Calvary Baptist Church of Childersburg
904 3rd Street NW


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