Part 3 - "Recognizing The Subtle Enemy of Grace"


CBC Friends and Family,

This coming Sunday we are going to spend some time exposing a subtle but powerful enemy of God's grace.  It's something called - "legalism".  As we will discover on Sunday, legalism is the attitude that I can establish or improve my standing before God by my activities.  Legalism is always - Christ-plus.  It wouldn't work in Paul's day and it will not work today.  Unfortunately multitudes of people are caught in the ugly trap of legalism.  We will look at the cure for legalism in the message this week.

Plan to hear this important message this Sunday and bring a guest with you to worship.

See you there,

Brother Paul

Wed, Nov 18, 2015

Plan a Visit


Calvary Baptist Church of Childersburg
904 3rd Street NW


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