CBC Workday: A Great Success!!


CBC Family,

Last Saturday several CBC family and friends came together to do a clean up and clean out of our facilities.  And we did just that.  There is an old saying that goes like this - "use it or lose it."  Well - if it had been sitting around in a closet and we hadn't used it in years - we tossed it. 

Things are really shaping up around the church in many areas. I'm sensing a stirring of God's Holy Spirit and that excites me.  Great things are happening at Calvary and I encourage you to share it with your friends, family, co-workers. 

For years we have worked to have a morning worship service that is condusive for people to come to faith in Christ.  What an opportunity each of us have each week to invite people. 

I challenge you to stay focused on what God has called us to be and to do.  Jump in with both feet and let God work through you to make an eternal difference.

With A Shepherd's Heart,

Brother Paul




Wed, Nov 18, 2015

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Calvary Baptist Church of Childersburg
904 3rd Street NW


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